Walnut Ink 2022

Walnut Ink 2022

A gift! Last fall my friend James dropped off a bucket of walnuts!

After sitting through the winter and drying out. I was ready to cook. My set up was outside on an early April day.

They cooked on a low temperature for 6hrs. Then sat overnight.

Looks like it is ready.

First strain through a metal strainer, the again through a finer mesh strainer.

I strained it again through cheese cloth.

Definitely need to do this in a place where you can make a mess.

Walnut Ink test 2022

Next step Bottle it Up!

Got a dozen bottles.

Last Year and this year.

3 thoughts on “Walnut Ink 2022

  1. Just found your site-I am just getting into botanical inks-I made black walnut ink a couple years ago and just love it! I ended up with 6 quarts too


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