Daffodil Ink

It was a very cold spring, our bulbs and fruit trees had been late blooming. Last year 2021, I made my first daffodil ink on April 21. This year it wasn’t till the first week of May before I made my only batch.

Daffodils represent the first of the years floral inks for me. The color yellow is cooler than a lot of other plants from later in the season like goldenrod or marigold. It’s almost green it’s so cool.

Below is my process:

Start with a packed mason jar of flowers. I take most of the green stem off.

Boil some spring water with a tablespoon of alum powder and pour over the flowers until covered. Put the lid on and let it sit in a warm place for a few days. I let mine sit for 4 days. I gently turned the jar upside a few times a day to let it get mixed.

After 4 days I strained and filtered the liquid into another mason jar.

Then I bottled it and added gum arabic and a clove.

One thought on “Daffodil Ink

  1. you are so talented as well as your amazing chef ! I loved the roast duck ramen he Made for Thanksgiving- My mouth was watering😊 I could taste it and wanted it now- I am on a search to find it here in San Diego-! 😒 but perhaps I will take on the challenge – if he could share the spices he used to make the broth-that’s the key – and make myself- cheers and hugs to you both


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