Last Saturday I went for a walk in the back fields with the dogs. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I wanted to see what was popping up and get a walk in.

Fields of wildflowers

There were a number of different things that caught my eye especially the clover, phlox and buttercups were are all booming.

For my next natural color experiment, I decided to go with the clover.

The flowers are similar to the dandelions with the green leaves attached to the bottom and the flower made up of a mass of spikey petals.

I pulled as much of the green leafy part off and put the buds in a mason jar then poured boiling water over them, put the lid on and placed in the sun to sit for the next 6 hours.

I strained the tea through a fine mesh strainer and voila!

Clover bud tea

It came out as a beautiful rose color. It will be fun to see what happens when I try reducing it to get a more concentrated color.

I am am still waiting for supplies. So this one will go in the fridge with the others till my package arrives.

Clover bud tea

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