For my next natural dye/ink experiment I decided to see what happens with dandelions.

Fresh picked Dandelions

When I picked them there was a really beautiful yellow stain on my fingers, so I hoped that that would be the color I got after the steep.

I steeped the flowers for 10 hrs by pouring boiling water on them and putting the lid on. The tea came out more of a brown color then the yellow I had hoped for, which may be from the small green leaves left on the back of the flower?

Dandelion Tea

I like the color it just isn’t what I expected. But really what’s the fun in getting what you expected, right? My next step is to try to make the floral teas into ink, but I have to wait till some of my supplies come in. They say patience is a big part of this process.

In the meantime, I may try to find more of the dandelion flowers to see what happens if I remove the green leaves before I steep it.

I am very excited to try making the ink! Till then..

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