First Ink

I finally dove in and made ink for the first time. It is as gratifying as any creative project I have ever done with the added bonus of making my own medium that is one of a kind.

I finally got the supplies I had been waiting weeks for the day before I planned another visit to Pa to see mom, so I decided to pack them.

Day Lilies

I went for a few hikes and there were Day Lilies blooming every where. I thought they would be the perfect specimen for my first ink.


1. Gather

2. Mortar and pestle the buds

2. Place in small pot 1 cup petals to 2 cups water

4. Simmer over low heat for hours

4a. Have your sister there to help make the process fun!

5. Strain thru coffee filter

6. Test color on paper strip

7. Bottle and add 6 drops of gum arabic plus 1 clove

Voila Ink!

I cooked it too long but in fact it came out a beautiful color and I had so much fun doing it.

More to come….

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