Secret treasures behind the revolving door.

Yesterday I went to a seminar held at The Surrogate Courthouse in downtown NYC.

I have never been in this particular building, I arrived like most ny’ers rushing in and having to put my heavy coat, bags and cellphone in the bins to go through security. I rushed to the elevator and went to the second floor to get to the meeting. It was a blur. After an hour or so I took a break and went out to find myself in a really beautiful old beaux arts building. I couldn’t stop looking at all the incredible craftsmanship and interior details that I completely ignored in my rush to get to my meeting on time; from the Egyptian themed mosaic ceilings in the foyer, to the ornate door knobs and the marble floors and walls. The lobby with its grand staircase and glass ceiling. Just lovely.

Sometimes I just need to slow down enough to see the treasures right inside the revolving doors.

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