Great Article looking at Art on Color

As a person who has had to hang art in many different types of spaces with walls of different colors and materials, the worst of which was a pink marble wall and a very strange deep orange marbke floor in the lobby of a very old building in Manhattan, it is nice to see an article devoted to the subject. The blues are intriguing, the yellows are surprisingly inspiring. Enjoy.

Mel Chin, “Flint Fit “(2018–ongoing), a collaboration between the people of Flint Michigan, fashion designer Tracy Reese, a plastics recycling company, Unifi, that turned used water bottles into fabric, and the artist (photo by Hai Zhang for Queens Museum)

Curators Reveal Their Favorite Wall Colors for Showing Art

Nine curators share their favorite wall colors – a decision that constructs a sensibility for an exhibition, echoing around the artworks on view. When looking at art, we’re often influenced by the intangible parts of our surroundings – the textures that surround art. Is the floor warm wood or cool concrete?

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