Abstractions ’18

New Work by Leah McCloskey

May 11, 2018 – June 5, 2018

Movement in my environment has always been something that’s informed my abstractions and landscapes, in this series of paintings I find that it has become the primary reason.

In 2006 I had my first solo show and it was called “60 Miles MPH”. All the paintings were landscapes that I had done from the impressions I had while driving around Saratoga and Washington County NY. This new series and exploration is, again, about that kind of movement. Now I’m looking from a slower and more connected perspective while I’m walking in the woods or kayaking on a pond. Some represent movement itself or a pattern of movement: watching the chickens in the front yard, watching the dogs go out in the snow, the path the hummingbird takes from flower to flower in my garden. Those footprints, markings, and patterns that are left behind from their movements inspired a number of these pieces.

While I was doing this work it felt as though I was immersed in the environment surrounding me, therefore a lot of the visual is organic in feeling. Telling the story of sunny days, rain, wind and snow.

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