Ink Making Fall 2020

November 2020

This fall was an exciting time to be a rookie ink maker. I went for long walks to look for all types of berries and nuts that I could use and found that 2020 was a bumper crop year for so many of the plants that are great for making ink. So far, my 3 favorites turned out to be wild grape, buckthorn and pokeberry. The galleries below are a photo log of the process I used to make the ink.

Pokeberry on the plant

Spring, summer and fall have been rich with color that I was able to bottle up into ink. Winter will be different; my foraging will be for nuts and bark that I can still find before the snow comes or later in the season when it starts to melt. Then there are all the other inks I want to try and make that aren’t made with plant matter.

All the ink lined up in the studio fridge

If I was going to give someone advice on how the process works best I would say ” experiment, play and make the ink-making part of the your creative process. It isn’t about what you get in the bottle as much as the act of making ink; from the foraging and cooking, reducing and filtering and all the nuances and small things that happen in between. When I look at all the little bottles lined up in my studio fridge I am so excited to know I made it and now I get to make more art with it!” Till the next time,


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