The Laundry Project #3

Hannie Eisma Varosy and Leah McCloskey 

A Collaborative Pop-up Art Show and Installation

Washington County NY. Artists Hannie Eisma Varosy and Leah McCloskey present a collaborative pop-up art show and installation to be held on Saturday August 25, and Sunday August 26, 2018 from 12 pm to 6pm each day. The event will take place Varosy Studios, 1522 North Road, Greenwich NY 12834 and is free and open to the public.

The two artists found a common interest in the creative exploration of  “laundry” and have worked both together and apart creating both installation art and individual pieces with the idea in mind. 

Hannie Eisma Varosy, has come up with artwork in many media.  Truly, nothing is off limits in her world, whether it is a certain medium that strikes a cord or a concept, a line from a poem or in this case lines of laundry and what they may signify. In Naples last fall for a short visit, she found the city so fascinating and photogenic that she had to limit herself.

Her decision to just concern herself with photographing laundry drying in all its variety, made the experience meaningful. Once home the pictures taken lead to a conversation about laundry, fabric, clothing, clothing inherited and how often these symbols appear in her work from time to time.

This show, in partnership with Leah McCloskey, shows a wide range of approaches to the subject, from total whimsy to more serious undertones.

Leah McCloskey is painter known mostly for her paintings of chickens.  The Laundry Project has been an exploration in many mediums starting with mixed media sketches on craft paper to small oil paintings and ending in the installation of her piece called ” My Memories Escape Me”. Leah says of the collaboration “What is usually a very solo process for me has been a wonderful adventure. There is something magical about creating artwork while “hanging” with another artist.”

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