Creative Spaces

This past month I was asked by a friend to come and help her reorganize her studio. The space is a beautiful loft built over her garage with large windows and wood beam floors. What I found in it was a place that had all the materials and mediums and ” stuff” she uses for all her passions which included jewelry making, lampshade making, embroidery, rug hooking, knitting, painting in every medium, and tons of paper for drawing and watercolors.  With every new project, there was more ” stuff” coming in but no real plan as to where to put it all.

I am like that, I just keep putting things away thinking I am going to remember where it is but that is never the case if it isn’t in a place that makes sense. I spend hours of time searching for the thing I swear I put somewhere.

So we hunkered down and cleaned out. We made a place for everything that she wants to continue doing and we what we ended up with is a dreamy place with a beautiful seating area to entertain friends and flat files for artwork and paper, wall easels to paint or hang art, plus workbenches and a rolling worktable that can house all the tools that any artist needs to stretch canvases or matt and frame or throw a painting party.


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